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    We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate or undergraduate students  who are interested in Cancer Drug Delivery & Imaging by Stimuli-Sensitive Polymer, Supramolecular Assembly, Organic Chemistry, and Synthetic Peptide Assembly. Please feel free to contact to me, if you are interested in our research group.


     초분자 나노재료 연구실에서는 유기합성을 통해 분자의 자기조립현상을 살펴보고, 자기조립 초분자구조를 이용한 나노재료 및 바이오재료에 관한 연구 하고 있습니다. 관심 있는 학부생, 대학원생 및 연구원을 모집합니다

본 연구실에 관심 있으신 분은 아래의 연락처로 연락주시기바랍니다.


School of Natural Science
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Ulsan Metropolitan City, 689-798, Korea
Phone: 82-52-217-2548
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